Ramayana Ballet Yogyakarta : Expectations Vs. Reality

Upon going to the Ramayana Ballet in Yogyakarta, you expect a wondrous and magical visual experience put together by some of the most talented artists in the industry. From the dancers themselves to the stage creators, planners, writers, makeup artists, and of course, the costume designers, in person, these aspects are amplified much more and is something one will have to experience in person to really understand the magic behind the passion of the Ramayana Ballet. That is Ramayana Ballet Yogyakarta : Expectations Vs. Reality

The Story Behind the Ramayana Ballet

If you’ve never heard of the Ramayana Ballet, you should know that it’s a story about an ancient world where King Rama has a wife named Sita who is abducted by the king of Sri Lanka, King Ravana. In this story, Hanuman, the monkey, becomes the messenger of Rama and the passion, heartache, and struggle of the events occurring. Emotion is told through dancing and humming in Javanese. These impactful movements look fantastic online and are even more illustrious in person. As if the story itself wasn’t good enough, the atmosphere and the Gazebo Garden Restaurant dinner was fantastic.

The Ramayana Ballet

Home to native Indonesian cuisines and gamelan music, you’ll be able to enjoy the food and those who have been emotionally impacted by the beautiful performance that was just as amazing as the website and others have stated. Let’s just say there’s a reason it has been running since 1976. Only the best of the best perform in the Ramayana Ballet Yogyakarta and it absolutely exceeded expectations.

It has even received an award from the Indonesian Record Museum along with many others. The creators and current performers are so dedicated to their craft that they have remained loyal year after year to the story and bringing 10 times as much passion to the table as they did before. As each year goes by, they understand and feel the story a bit more, allowing it to emotionally connect with every single person in the audience. The consistency is amazing and the flow is so natural, you’ll feel apart of the story.

For those looking for a romantic getaway with dinner, culture, and emotion, the Ramayana Ballet Yogyakarta is the perfect event for you. It’s also great for intimate groups to enjoy and really connect with one another in a powerful way. The consistency of the Ramayana Ballet is mind-blowing and should be something everyone experiences once in their life.

When it comes to expectations versus reality, the reality exceeded expectations in more ways than one. Usually, plays aren’t as exciting as they may sound, but the Ramayana Ballet tells a story of love, loss, and tribulations; something we can all relate to in our own respective cultures. For those looking to connect with a form of art and media, I highly suggest the Ramayana Ballet in Yogyakarta. You can purchace the ticket through this website. BOOK HERE for the ticket .

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