Ramayana Ballet Story

What is Ramayana Ballet?

Turn on your imagination … what would it be, if the stories carved on the Prambanan’s reliefs were visualized and showed into performing arts? Ramayana Ballet performance is the answer.

The Ramayana Story is taken from Walmiki’s epic and created into an enchanting performance with mixed variety of elements from the art, dance, music, drama, lyrics and song, make-up, specially selected costumes, stage and lighting. All put together, they create a piece of art performance that is favored and priced by both domestic and foreign tourists.

Ramayana Ballet performance at Purawisata Theater is held regularly every night, regardless the weather and number of visitors. Now, Purawisata Ramayana Ballet is entering its 40th year since it was held for the first time.

The loyalty and consistency of Purawisata Ramayana Ballet, and its commitment to held the performance everyday, made the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) grant an exclusive award.

How the story is performed?

Ramayana Ballet performance at Purawisata is divided into several acts. The entire Ramayana story is presented through body movements or dancing, without any dialogues. The melodious strains of Java gending softly sounded to the beautiful dancers gracefully dancing.

Occasionally heard, the sinden is humming songs in Javanese. When the scene changed into Rahwana or Hanoman and the monkey army appereances, the sound is turned into more lively gending.

The stage becomes more crowded when the war begins and the show becomes more compelling at Anoman Obong’s scene. Having enjoyed the show, you can take pictures with all players on the stage.

Dinner at Gazebo Garden Restaurant and/or Shinta Restaurant

Before the ballet performance, guests will have dinner at Gazebo Garden Restaurant. It offers a visually pleasing dining experience. This is the only restaurant in town that puts an amazing Ramayana Ballet show included in their special dinner package. The Classic Sultan palace’s architecture of the restaurant, combined with a warm ambience cater to intimate gathering over original Indonesian cuisines with soft and gentle live ‘gamelan’ music, definitely suites the convenience of all guests, particularly for its fine buffet dinner and barbeque.

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