Living the Arts Lifestyle at Ramayana Ballet

Ramayana Ballet is a popular Javanese art performance you should enjoy during your stay in Yogyakarta. Combining the arts of dance with music, drama, and songs, this beautiful ballet is supported with modern touch of stage and lighting which makes the performance even more magical. Find yourself immersed in the epic love story of Rama and Sinta as the ballet begins. Ramayana ballet Yogyakarta is the oldest Ramayana performer in Indonesia which has been regularly performing every night since 1976. With 39 years of experience, Ramayana ballet Yogyakarta will be a perfect choice if you want to spend an enchanting night with magnificent performance from the best dancers in town.

Basically, Ramayana ballet tells romantic story of a couple named Rama and Sinta. The story unfolds when Sinta is deceived and then captured by Rahvana, the King of Beast in Alengka. Feeling furious, Rama and his brother Lesmana travel around the world to save her from the beast’s hand. On their way to Alengka, they meet a white name, Hanuman, who wants to defeat Subali, Rahvana’s uncle. Rama helps Hanuman to defeat Subali and succeeds. Indebted to Rama, Hanuman is sent to help him save Sinta. The white monkey goes to Alengka to find Sinta’s location as well as learn the King’s weakness. After that, together Rama, Lesmana, Hanuman, and their troops attack Alengka and defeat Rahvana. Finally, Rama brings back Sinta to their kingdom and they live happily ever after.

Ramayana ballet Yogyakarta does not only deliver captivating performance to satisfy your eyes, ears, and heart, but also contain important life values to enlighten your soul. Ramayana epic story fundamentally shows us that everyone should fight their inner self before reaching enlightenment from others. Here are philosophical values you can learn from the characters in Ramayana ballet.

First, Rama’s character is depicted as a knight and leader. He is characterized as a kind, smart, rational, and not power-hunger person who is willing to suffer and fight for other people’s sake.  He holds tightly on his principle which makes him cannot be easily swayed by any disturbance. Rama devotes himself fully to the country and family he loves by fighting untiringly to give guidance for his people. Sometimes he complains and being inconsistent, a character which tells us that everybody, no matter how great, must have some kinds of deficiency.

Second, Sinta’s character is depicted as faithful person. She is a caring, soft, tender, but strong woman whose loyalty and dedication is undoubted. Sinta is willing to fight for love and truth even when she has to go through sadness and pains.

Third, Rahvana’s character is depicted as an arrogant and ruthless king. His undefeatable strength and power makes him want to take everything from others. He thinks that he is so powerful that he ignores his own deficiency. Rahvana’s big ambition comes merely from beasty desire which then leads to his own destruction. No wonder that in the end he is defeated by Rama and Hanuman.

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